Training workshops conducted by Bro. Yuju Francis

counseling Psychologist in hyderabad

counseling Psychologist in hyderabad

Training workshops conducted by Bro. Yuju Francis

  1. Intentional interviewing and counselling (10-day training; maximum 12 participants)

During these 10-days training, the participants will learn basic skills of interviewing and counselling through triad practice and supervision. One will be able to use these skills in listening in all interpersonal contexts. Particularly useful for school counsellors, HR professionals, mentors, and interviewers. Teachers can improve their skill-based interaction with the students and better able to manage classrooms.

Solution focused brief counselling approach (2 days)

This is a solution focused approach to counselling. This counselling approach focuses directly on the goal of the client and not on the problem. It is particularly used in motivational interviewing and guiding counselling employees and school/college students. The participants need to have basic interviewing and counselling skills.


Integrating multiple intelligence and learning styles in classroom instruction (2 days).

It is a teaching technique that will help teachers to be intentional in their approach to teaching and help students maximize learning. It is based on the Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner. It an approach used in schools and colleges.

Group building exercise (1 day)

This a group building interactive workshop to help participants feel accepted in the group and also to promote greater level of trust and harmony among members of the group.

Successful classroom interaction (1 day)

The workshop will introduce skill-based interactional styles for changing the state of students in class room and facilitate a learning environment.

Classroom management strategies (1 day)

It’s a communication skill-based approach to manage unruly behaviors among children in our classrooms and how to set rules for classroom for better classroom discipline.

Early Life traps/schemas and personality of an Individual (7-day workshop)

This training workshop is based in schema therapy-an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy. This workshop will help participants identify their Early Maladaptive Schemas (EMS)  they developed when they were children and how they have been perpetuated over the years and the impact it has had and having on the on the current relationships. It is a very helpful tool for practicing therapist/those wanting to go through a healing process.

Non-violent compassionate communication (3-days): the focus is on communicating in a compassionate and no-hurting way. The participants will have opportunity to learn skills such as making observations instead of evaluation, paraphrasing and reflecting of feelings and need behind what is being expressed.

Growing in emotional competence, for Schools coordinators/admins—facilitating awareness building in students (3-days)

It is three-day workshop with simulated role plays to learn skills in vivo. Skills of self-awareness, empathic listening, conflict resolution, giving feedback, simple emotional regulation skills.

Teacher effectiveness Training (2 days): the focus will be on components of an effective teaching from evidence based models.

Emotional management skills for teachers/managers: 2 days

For students:

Leadership training (3 days); max no. 30

This programme will focus on some of the most important qualities of a leader with special focus on assertive communication and self-esteem.

Assertiveness training (2 days); max no. 20

This is designed to help children who are timid, fearful to help them become more assertive. Exercises designed to deal with one’s fear, are going to help students who have fear of facing people or stage fear.

Emotional competence training (3 days)

This programme will use group feedback and positive self-affirmation and special exercises to help elevate participant’s self-esteem. This will help students who feel so low about themselves and keep themselves away from others and who have low self-esteem.

Other topics for students include:

  • Social emotional learning (SEL): Applying Emotional Intelligence in school context and facilitating growth in students.
  • What is internet doing to our brains?
  • Motivation/goal setting
  • Facing one’s fears—in simulated conditions
  • Habits of successful students.
  • Human relationship—program on boy girl relationship.
  • Time management/conflict resolution skills for children

For Parents:

Parenting challenges (1/2 day or 2 hours)

The parents will have an opportunity to interact and be clarified of some of the concerns among the adolescent children/teenagers. The talk will cover the adolescent characteristics and what need to be the parenting style the parents need to adopt in dealing with their adolescent sons and daughters.

Internet addiction/what is internet doing to our children’s brains

This is a psychoeducation talk for parents, covering the ill-effects and benefits of having internet at home or having an internet enabled tab or smartphone. Also the precaution parents could take so that their wards use internet enabled gadgets more responsibly.