Student counselling

In the life of a student there are different issues that impede his or her progress towards the attainment of his or her goals. These issues could be something personal or academic in nature. The personal concerns could include: fear/anxiety related issues such as fear of public places, exam fear, panic attack and stammering; low self-esteem, relationship issues, family related issues, over use of internet enabled devices and related concerns, developmental concerns and so on. The academic related concerns could include: lack of interest in studies, poor concentration, poor time management, lack of study skills and learning difficulties. Counsellors can help students, set goals, organize their life, manage time, teach skills and deal with issues mentioned above.
Parents can learn from counsellors, parenting tips, clarify developmental concerns related to their children and learn skills to manage day to day conflicts that arise in families and be of support to children with academic related concerns such as learning difficulties. Counsellors can also help parents look at the way they interact with one another and examine if these interactions are helping one another grow. If the interactions among members of the family are dysfunctional, counsellors trained in family counselling can help such families in overcoming such patterns.
There are difficult times in the life of a child, a student, and a parent. Everyone can take the help of a psychologist who is professionally trained, competent and upholds an ethical practice. Choosing to meet up with a psychological counsellor or a mental health professional is always a bold and wise decision, particularly when one finds the going really tough and difficult to cope with those distressing moments that arise periodically on the journey of life.