As a Trainer and Supervisor

counseling Psychologist

Training for students: He has trained students across India in leadership and life skills, trained teachers in schools and colleges on innovative teaching methods incorporating psychological approaches to classroom teaching. Some of the programmes he has conducted for students of schools and colleges include: Leadership skills, Confronting one’s fears and building self-confidence, Assertiveness training and NLP learning techniques.

Training for teachers: Some of the training programmes he has conducted for the teachers include, Integrating Multiple Intelligence and Learning styles in Classroom instruction; Emotional competence training, Successful Classroom Interaction and Classroom management skills. He has also trained teachers in Intentional Interviewing and Counseling skills-a micro-skill approach to learning counseling skills.

Personal growth workshops: Yuju Francis has conducted growth oriented programs like Healing the Inner Child, Group Psychotherapy, Psycho spiritual / sexual Integration, psychological adjustments to life, Gaining emotional competence, Building emotional awareness and Community building exercises for religious personnel of different religious organizations in India.

While in the process of helping their clients, practitioners of counseling and psychotherapy also get stuck at times as to how to proceed or what to do. This could be as a result of lack of experience in the field or one’s own personal concerns coming in the way of helping the other. Supervision is recommended for professional development and ethical practice. Yuju Francis has supervised trainee counselors at Sampurna Montfort College and been trained in supervision. Practicing counselors and therapist seeking professional supervision can gain from his experience and supervisory skills.