As a counselor/Therapist

counseling Psychologist

He has experience of counseling the following client groups:

  • Adolescents (above 16 years): some of the issues such as relationship issues, lack of concentration in studies, internet overuse/addiction, low self-esteem/self-confidence, exam fear, panic attack, general anxiety, stuttering (stammering)and so on..
  • Adults: Some of the adult concerns include; difficulty related to career choice, ongoing difficulty with one’s partner; relationship issues; work place related concerns, losing temper, alcohol/drug/internet addiction; issues related to certain specific personality disorders; anxiety related issues, OCD and so on.
  • Family counseling. When we consider family as a system, we can understand individual behaviors within the context of relationship by assessing the interactions within the whole family. Symptoms are often viewed as an expression of a dysfunction within family; these dysfunctional patterns are often thought to be passed across several generations. For example, if the family has a habit of putting down members, this shaming experience can impact one’s social functioning. The individual may find difficult to stand up for himself or herself and may have already developed a low self-esteem. Therefore the treatment approach that comprehensively addresses the other family members and the larger context as well as an “identified” client is required.
  • Couple counseling: Some of the issues couple bring to a counselor can include: frequent conflict/quarrel; emotional outburst or emotional suppression, pre-marital issues among cohabiting couples/dating couples; dysfunctional communication patterns; codependent relationship; marital issues; separation concerns, struggles of ongoing divorce process; post-divorce trauma and concerns and so mention a few.

Counselling/Therapy approach: He uses an eclectic style in his counseling, blending Rogerian, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches (CBT).